As the owner of a “Learn Chinese blog”, I’m hoping my readers could find not only valuable FREE lessons and tutorials, but also resources that may meet their other needs.

I’ll do my research on the Internet and give my recommendation here in hope to save my reader’s time on their own research for Chinese language related materials.

If you found any good web sites, blogs or tools that have helped you in your Chinese language study, feel free to email me your suggestions at grace@www.okulport.com.

Language & Culture

  • Laowai Chinese?老外中文: A “foreigner” that lives in China to share tips and strategies to Speak Mandarin Chinese. A unique blog with rich content regarding Chinese language and culture.
  • East Asia Student: A blog maintained as a track of the owner’s own progress on Chinese and Japanese language study as well as abundant resources for other Chinese learners.
  • Lingomi – Personalized Audio Practice: A blog that gives people good advice on Chinese learning skills. It offers useful products to improve listening and pronunciation skills of Chinese as well.
  • Learn Chinese Help: A blog that is built and maintained by Shu for his class students and all Chinese learner around the world. It’s full of helpful knowledge on Chinese language and also a variety of recommended Chinese songs and poems.
  • Lost Laowai – No-nonsense China Expat & Travel Community: A blog that deliver no-nonsense information and commentary on China, also a community for “laowais” that live in China to share their experience, learn, and grow together.
  • Chinese Grammar Wiki: A high quality free accessible Wiki on Chinese Grammar. It features 501 articles online and keeps growing. It’s a very good place to learn or look up Chinese grammar related knowledge.
  • Read a Chinese Menu:?An interesting blog that helps you to learn Chinese through Chinese Menus. Pleasantly appetizing and informative.
  • Sapore di Cina:?A blog that reflects stories, images, characters and flavors in China from the owner’s eyes. It’s full of life and spirit. If you don’t understand Italian, you can choose to read the English version.
  • Study More Chinese:?Study More Chinese is a social network for people who are learning Chinese. It is a daily updated fun site and community that collects Chinese study materials in all kinds of interesting forms.
  • Chinese Learn Online: Free or paid step by step?Mandarin Course that takes you from absolute beginner to intermediate?learner over the span of 420 lessons.
  • Learn Chinese with Iris: A passionate native Chinese teacher Iris’ online video lesson collection.
  • Chinese Book Shop: A specialist supplier of Chinese books in the United Kingdom.
  • Expats Living in China?: ForeignerCN.com is a cyber-platform providing information and offering help for foreigners who are working, studying, and living in China and also for those who are willing to come to China.
  • Chinese With Mike?: Chinese Video lessons by Teacher Mike – very clear and funny. 80 lessons so far.
  • Online Chinese via Skype?: eChineseLearning provides one-on-one live online Chinese lessons using free video instant messaging software. Learn Chinese online with best teachers in Beijing! Currently, our students are from over 100 countries in the world from age 3 to 86.
  • Chinese Reading Practice : An awesome site for you to practice your Chinese reading. It features all levels of Chinese reading materials with popup annotation and English translation.
  • Dulaboo:?A site that is dedicated to language learning experience. It’s full of well written reviews of language learning sites, tools, books and other products.
  • E Chinese Learning: One of the best online Chinese language school. Students can learn Chinese online via Skype through 1-on-1 lessons with best Chinese teachers. They also offer FREE trial lesson.
  • Remember.it Chinese: Offer free Chinese lessons (with audio), Chinese dictionary and learning guides.
  • HiNative: A global Q&A platform where you can ask native speakers any language and culture questions.
  • Learn?Chinese?online: Hanbridge Mandarin offers mandarin online course by live teachers from China and face-to-face mandarin courses in Shenzhen. It also provide FREE trial Chinese lesson.
  • Learn Mandarin Now: A widely read blog with all the best tips and ideas to help you on your journey to learn Mandarin Chinese; includes the famous: How to Learn Chinese: 50 bloggers, dozens of tips.
  • Learn Chinese Online – Grammar Guide: Learn Chinese online the easy way! This Chinese grammar learning guide is for you to speak Chinese through basic sentence structures.
  • Sensible Chinese: A mobile friendly site that offer ebook and classes for Chinese learning. Learners can try those free ebooks first to get started. The free articles on the site cover Chinese learning topics, such as? “how to speak Chinese” etc.


  • Chinese-tools.com: A solid site that provides various online tools, such as Chinese dictionary, pinyin annotation, translator etc. I recommend to use the online pinyin input system from this site to type in Chinese when your OS doesn’t have it installed.
  • eStroke Animated Chinese Characters: Almost each lesson of my blog has the linked frame from this site for people to learn how to write Chinese characters. It is offered free of charge.
  • MDBG Chinese-English Dictionary: It’s a powerful Chinese-English Dictionary tool that is offered in various forms. This blog is linked to it’s free online dictionary as well.
  • Purple Culture: One of the best comprehensive tool and resource site for both Chinese learners and teachers.
  • Mandarin Spot:?Site that offers awesome tools to add Mandarin pronunciation to any Chinese text as either Hanyu Pinyin, often called simply Pinyin, Zhuyin Fuhao also known as Bopomofo or other, less known Chinese phonetic systems.
  • Chinese Characters Website: A free platform to learn Chinese characters via picture association, stroke order, meaning and usage, also example sentences. It features an online dictionary too.
  • Sunrise Method: An intelligent method to help learners to learn and memorize Chinese characters based on the correlations among radicals, roots, sounds and meanings.
  • Bab.la Dictionary: An language portal that offer over 35 dictionaries, including a Chinese-English dictionary. Besides translations it provides additional information such?as synonyms, sample & context sentences, pronunciation, etc.
  • Cloze Cards:? A collection of more than 50,000 examples of Chinese vocabulary usage, courses and short stories.


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